The purpose of the equipment is to determine how much current is flowing to a circuit. In this case measure the current flowing to a home or industrial facility. This is done either by digital reading (light sensor) or by current transformer probe (clamp probe). This allows measurement of the current in a conductor without the need to make physical contact with it, or to disconnect it for insertion through the probe.

Robosavvy performed the following tasks:

• PCB Shield design according to specifications

• Design of light sensor, including electrical part and mechanical housing

• Mechanical design of a protective metal sheet

• Manufacturing and assembly of electronic boards – PCB shield + PCB light sensor

• Manufacturing of the metal box

• Design of light sensors housing

• Install the client software – configuration of Beaglebone Black

• Supply of clamp probes for current measurement

• Final assembly of the equipment: metal housing with the Beaglebone board, PCB shield, button and power plug

• Assembly of light sensors with soldered cable on the sensor and crimped RJ11 plug.

• Testing of the full equipment


The equipment to be supplied consists of a kit with the following components:

1x – PCB Shield for Beaglebone black

1x – Light sensor with 1m cable with crimped RJ11 plug

1x – Light sensor with 2m cable with crimped RJ11 plug

2x – Amp measure clamp

1x – Metal housing with on/off switch and power input connector IEC C8

1x – Power cord IEC C7 with 1,2m