Through our work with ROS RoboSavvy has developed the TUG Autonomous Guided Vehicle which stands out compared to other industrial AGVs by having some very unique capabilities. Indoor Outdoor. Ability to pull or carry. Ability to carry high payloads. Configuration comes as standard with safety LIDARs, depth cameras..

Its brain is powered by MOV.AI which provides it with standard ROS features in addition to robust configuration UI, application UI builder, obstacle avoidance, fleet management and “Uber” style applications.

We have also managed to crack the Vive VR localization protocol and allow the ROS community to benefit from 0.3 mm localization precision way before HTC and Steam released anything useful.



Rickie takes advantage of our ROS systems with its advanced sensing features. Standing at  1.2m tall humanoid robot that rides a Segway. His head has two cameras that are remotely linked to an Oculus Rift virtual reality headset that allows the remote operator to be fully immersed in the telepresence robot.