Mobile Robots require continuous DC power supply to ensure the computers and motors continue to work when swapping batteries or when switching from DC to battery operation or when using an unreliable DC power supply backed up by battery. RoboSavvy HotSwap Power Board (PowerBoard 1.0) is designed to provide up to 25A of continuous power, allowing safe hot-swapping between two interchangeable power sources.


2 Input power sources (mains DC power or battery) The board can accept any combination of two power sources. They can be of different voltage within the 2.9V-18V range.
2.9V to 18V Operating Range Good for up to 4 cell LiPo
Emergency power cutoff when power source reaches low battery voltage Protect you LiPo battery from critical low voltage
Voltage spike protection The Board turns off when reaching voltage above 18V
Input Voltage Inversion protection Protects the board and system from accidental reversed polarity input voltage
Protection from from applying erronous external voltage on output rail Protects the board from application of high voltage or reverse polarity voltage on the Output rail
Current spike cuttoff The board will shut off the output voltage when sensing a current spike. Limits Peak Fault Current in ≤1μs
Inrush current control Protects against initial current spike surge
Protects Output Voltage from Input Brownouts and oscilations Ensures limited voltage drop when switching input voltage source
Status LEDs and monitoring pins LEDS indicated current input channel source and fault. This status is available as pins to external CPU for monitoring.
Pins allow enable/disable of each input source User/CPU can select which input voltage is available.




Number of input power sources 2
Input Voltage range (V) 2.9V-18V
Number of output power rails 1
Rail maximum continuous current 25A
Rail maximum spike (peak) current 50A for 0.12ms
Indicator LEDs 4
Enable/disable power sources One for each input
Quick response on hotswap 15ms
Inrush current limit prevent sparks
Overcurrent protection Allow 25A-50A for 120μs
Overvoltage protection 20V
Measurements 88mm x 68mm