Our software MOV.AI is designed to automate the world. We build enterprize grade software on top of opensource framework ROS. ROS is the de-facto standard opensource middleware for robotics with thousands of active contributors. It offers the latest AI, vision and navigation algorithms in addition to supporting hundreds of sensors, cameras and actuators.
MOV.AI framework adds to ROS a modern web UI, app-store like features, cyber-security, fleet management and back-office integration. Our initial business model is to partner with manufacturers and integrators giving their customers the benefits of ROS in mission critical projects and applications.

With our hardware partners we are currently working to bring to market several Autonomous Guided Vehicles to be used for material handing, internal logistics and camera motion control for video production. We plan to bring other robots to the market powered by MOV.AI in domains ranging from retail, delivery and entertainment to healthcare.

Until now, robot manufacturers largely built their own software. As in other markets, separating the making of software and hardware reduces the cost and risks of R&D which ultimately leads to better and more affordable products with faster innovation cycle.